The Academy of Creeb

While the Academy is only open to the 8 company building simulation contestants, there are two more prerequisites to get admitted to the academy. 


  1.  Achievement of a minimum financial intelligence quotient of 8, obtained through active participation and success in the 8 company-building simulation contests, which must occur after the 2-year period. 
  2. A business plan, idea, or proposal aimed at addressing a pressing global issue. Proposals must focus solely on critical challenges such as poverty, global warming, famine, deforestation, climate change, or pollution. 


Once admitted, participants embark on a 12-month journey focused on constructing the business intelligence models of their ambitious plans. Each quarter emphasizes a specific component of the Business Intelligence Model (BIM) – Cashflow, Communications, Systems and Legal – guided by successful entrepreneurs who have established large enterprises with 500 employees or more. 


The Academy provides a nurturing environment for participants to develop comprehensive business models tailored to contemporary challenges and market demands. With guidance from seasoned entrepreneurs, participants transform their ideas into viable enterprises.


Upon completion of the program, businesses incubated at the Academy are ready for launch, marking a significant milestone akin to graduation. Participants receive support in securing capital and essential contacts for the successful launch and sustainable growth of their ventures during the building period.