A Brief About the Agency

With it’s lengthy experience, the agency has positioned itself as a pioneer in the financial intelligence industry, providing superior offerings to it’s clients from competitive global simulations to advanced controlled projects.


Our Core Focus

To draw out of teenagers and young adults, the competent ability to organize and apply the knowledge acquired from school into a useful product or service and gain adequate financial compensation without trial and error.


Our Mission

To empower young minds for business success through our Financial Intelligence Program.


Our Vision

To reduce the global unemployment levels by creating professional employers.


Our Objective

We believe that the leading cause for unemployment is simple: there are too many job seekers compared to job creators. Our goal is to reverse this imbalance by empowering a new wave of entrepreneurial leaders capable of building and managing large enterprises.

Through our innovative Financial Intelligence Program, which includes 8 Company Building Simulation Contests and an immersive Academy , we draw out of young minds the skills and knowledge needed to convert a real - life problem, cash or labor into a big business with 500 employees or more.

Why Creeb?

Instead of students leaving school in pursuit of high-paying jobs, they are to depart with a focus on creating opportunities to establish lucrative positions.

Instead of students aspiring to be paid more for less work, they are to leave school seeking opportunities to enhance productivity for increased earnings.

Rather than students leaving school in search of job security or tenure, they are to exit school with the ability to create sustainable sources of revenue.

This program will contribute to resolving the growing problem of unemployment by empowering individuals to become job creators.

In a future characterized by truly free enterprise, innovative technology will give rise to entirely new industries, with investors being more inclined to support intelligently developed projects.

Numerous pressing global issues, such as climate change, pollution, deforestation, famine, and poverty, will be effectively addressed. The Academy aims to transform these challenges into profitable opportunities, embodying the principles of true capitalism.

Our Partners